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About Acti-Kare of Ozone Park, NY

About Acti-Kare in Ozone Park, NY

Nkem Chukwumezie
Nkem Chukwumezie
Franchise Owner and Area Director
Nkem B. Chukwumezie, DMMM; PhD. has a unique background of being strongly rooted in the religious and corporate worlds. Being born into an industrious Nigerian family of Sir Anthony (Late) and Lady Elizabeth Chukwumezie, she is a nun of the Order of the Daughters of Mary Mother of Mercy (DMMM); a vocation that she values above all her academic, corporate and other achievements. The DMMM is a religious Congregation founded by the Late Bishop Anthony Gogo Nwedo, CSSp. that, among her various missions, takes care of the elderly, children, and the youth/young adults. Nkem Chukwumezie has over thirty six years of experience in the DMMM’s community and humanitarian services. Her most recent DMMM assignment was being the first Regional superior of the newly created DMMM USA-Canada Region.She has a Pharmacist Degree from Belgium, two Masters Degrees from Belgium and the USA and a PhD. degree from the USA. Consequently, she speaks various languages including English, Igbo and Dutch/Flemish very fluently as well as some German and French. She has strong technical and interpersonal skills, and several years of experience in both brand name and generic drug manufacturing in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries. Her passion for the generic drug manufacturing correlates with her passion for making life essentials cheap and affordable to the poor and the needy. In both the religious and corporate settings, she is very creative and has good personnel and time management skills, as well as good leadership skills. Consequently, she is a community person, a good counselor, problem solver and a servant leader.Nkem Chukwumezie discovered the Acti-kare franchise and consequently founded the Divine Mercy Tender Loving Care (DMTLC) agency in her quest to exercise the missions of her religious Order by establishing an agency that will meet the demands of people of every age with various health, domestic, spiritual, etc., needs. She intends to utilize this medium to serve the needs of the individual’s mind, body and spirit in a manner that dignifies each person. The Acti-Kare mission is to become the nation’s premier provider of In-Home Care. In Acti-Kare, there is a process for nearly every situation that arises, based on extensive experience. Consequently, DMTLC is available to provide her Tender Loving Care (TLC) services to you, your loved one, your loved pet or your neighbor, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. We provide all Acti-kare services which include but are not limited to: In-home care of the seniors, children, people with special needs, personal injury care, mommy-to-be care, mommy & me care and pet care. DMTLC-Acti-Kare will accomplish these services by providing highly qualified, compassionate and trustworthy caregivers (in English, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch/Flemish, Igbo, etc., languages) who have undergone thorough background and reference checks. We are committed to providing outstanding services; to exceeding our customer’s expectations; and to treating every family member as if they were our own. We promise to provide professional and highly individualized non-medical services to help you maintain your independence and dignity while still receiving all assistance you may require. In addition, DMTLC will also provide spiritual direction and counseling services on written request.The goal of Nkem Chukwumezie is always to excel in any assigned responsibility, and to always contribute significantly to improving the dignity of every individual and the growth of any of her affiliated institutions in both technical/hands-on and supervisory roles. This is her dream for the activities, clients, employees and all affiliates of DMTLC, as well as her currently cherished families, the Late Sir Anthony Chukwumezie’s crew, the DMMM religious Order and the Acti-Kare Responsive In-Home Care Team. This will be her endeavor for any of her future affiliates/institutions/organizations.

Please feel free to reach the DMTLC Team directly at 718-577-2376 and/or nchukwumezie@actikare.com, to get more information for an informed decision towards receiving a first class service for you, your loved one or your client.

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